Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I pay for the class?
A. We take cash, credit or debit cards payable to the instructor, the day of class.

Q. How do I register for the class?
A. There are 2 ways to register for the class, call (571) 814-8228 or fill out the form provided on the registration page and send it to us.

Q. How much does the class cost?

Q. Do you report my name to DMV?
A. Yes, if you have a Virginia license we will electronically send your name to DMV promptly.
If you hold an Out of State license we will also send your name to Va. DMV as required by law.

Q. Do you report my name to the court?
A. No, we do NOT send any information to anyone's court, you must do this on your own.

Q. How long is the class?
A. The classes are 8 hours, plus 40 minutes for lunch and two 10 minute breaks, so 9 hours total time.

Q. What time does the class start and finish?
A. Day classes are from 9am-6pm.

Q. Will I get my certificate at the end of class?
A. Yes, all students who pass the class will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the day.

Q. Do I have to take a test?
A. Yes, you must take a 50 questions, open book, open notes, multiple-choice test and get 40 of 50 answers correct to pass the class. (DMV requirement)

Q. What if I fail the test?
A. You will have to come back to another class and ONLY re-take the test at a cost of $40.

Q. Do I get 5 safe driving points for successfully passing the class? 
A. All volunteers will receive up to 5 safe driving points toward their driving record, for example, if your driving record reflects a zero points balance before class you will get all 5 points. If you have two safe driving points,for example, you will receive only 3 safe driving points. You may not carry any more than 5 safe driving points on your record. If you are court assigned you will NOT get any safe driving points UNLESS you have a court document stating that you will be awarded safe driving points. If DMV requires you to take the class you WILL receive safe driving points UNLESS you are under the age of 18 then you will NOT receive any safe driving points, you will just fulfill the wish of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Drivers completing the clinic to receive an insurance premium discount (you must verify eligibility with your insurance company) NO safe driving points are awarded.

Q. What do I need to bring to the class?
A. Please bring your driver's license, a pen and the cash or credit/debit card.

Q. How many years of experience does the instructor have teaching this class?
A. The instructor, Preston Blair, has been teaching the 8-hour Defensive Driving Course for over 22 years.

   Q. Are walk-ins accepted?
A. Yes, If you can make it get there before class starts at 9am.

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